Here are the terms and conditions that
you agree to abide to by enrolling with Iconic.

  • The tutors teaching at Iconic are independent of the company and are not employees
  • All fees are strictly payable in advance and no students may participate in class if fees are not paid. There is no reduction for any weeks missed during the term
  • Notification invoices will be sent prior, to all parents/guardians for the following term indicating payment before the next term commences
  • Fees not made by the deadline indicated on the invoice will mean places will be offered to those on the waiting lists
  • Punctuality is very important at Iconic. Students are advised to arrive 10 minutes prior to their first class, in order for registration and classes to start on time
  • All t-shirts must be purchased through Iconic and worn every week with black comfortable bottoms
  • Appropriate footwear is a must. No Uggs, heels, slip ons or boots
  • For health and safety as well as the students quality of learning we keep the maximum number of students to a class of 25 with assistants for younger age groups.
  • Students will be placed on a waiting list once maximum numbers are reached
  • Refunds are negotiable and at the discretion of Iconic
  • Directors and tutors have the right to refuse entry of any student of any class and may request the removal of a student at any time
  • Students are obliged to take care of their own belongings Iconic can accept no liability to lost or damaged belongings
  • Iconic will from time to time take photographs and film footage during class time for use in Iconic marketing and publicity material. If you do not wish for your child to be photographed or filmed please let the school directors know in writing
  • The fees do not include any examination costs, the cost of extra coaching classes or uniforms/costumes
  • Parents/Guardians should inform Iconic of any change of address, telephone numbers or medical conditions



Iconic Parties Terms and ConditionsWhen booking an event or appearance with Iconic Parties the below policies must be adhered to. Once a booking has been secured by way of a deposit, the below policies are automatically accepted by the client.SECURING YOUR BOOKINGBookings are not confirmed until we have received a deposit. Please note, we may still accept bookings for the same date until you have paid and secured it.ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.After your booking has been secured by way of a deposit, you may change or postpone your booking within a 12 month period.Deposits will not be transferred after a 12 month period and will therfor be forfeited if you wish to postpone or cancel after this time period given from the original deposit payment.